Integrated Omics Analysis Division


The division is mainly specialized in metabolomic analysis using high-performance mass spectrometers (see below). Through the integration of omic analysis and bioinformatics, the division aims to uncover key factors responsible for metabolic regulations contributing for growth and metabolite production for human health in plants. As applied science, the division is revealing useful metabolites involved in the tastes and flavors of utility plants and foods. Also, the division designs separation and analytical methods for chemical compounds on demand.

Integrated Omics Analysis Division|T-PIRC
Gas chromatography-time-of-flight-
mass spectrometer (GC-TOF-MS) (Back)
Two dimensional GC-TOF-MS (Front)
The use of these instruments enables us to achieve comprehensive metabolomic analysis including primary metabolites for basic life functions and volatile organic compounds in secondary metabolites.
Integrated Omics Analysis Division|T-PIRC
Apparatuses for sample preparation
These apparatuses in the room are used for sample preparation (crushing, extraction, centrifugation, derivatization, etc.) before analysis.
Integrated Omics Analysis Division|T-PIRC
Liquid chromatography-
photodiode array detector/
quadrupole mass spectrometer
We can detect secondary metabolites that are not necessary for growth of organisms. Many of secondary metabolites help plants and microorganisms to protect it against biotic and abiotic stress.