Introduction of Departments

Introduction of Departments|T-PIRC
The center explores and fosters research seeds that would lead to develop highly functional and highly value-added plants.
Introduction of Departments|T-PIRC
It promotes research on the development, production, and distribution of agricultural products using the latest technology to fulfill sustainable agriculture.
Genetic Resources and
International Collaborative Research Division
It receives commissions both from inside and outside the country. It is engaged in conservation and analysis of plant genetic resources. Making use of the findings at T-PIRC, it facilitates international collaborative research in cooperation with other divisions and partner organizations in Japan.
Collaborative Research Division (Industrial Zone)
It works together with domestic and international private and public sector on research and development. It will bring innovation in the plant and agricultural sciences for materializing industrial uses.
Integrated Omics Analysis Division
Handling big data for integrative uses and analyzing omics data offered by other divisions. It accumulates and fosters new knowledge in the field of plant sciences. It promotes research that would lead to innovate new research fields.
Corporate Social Partnership Unit:
It carries out public awareness and social partnership linkage. It also supports human resources development programs in cooperation with other divisions. Its duties include the publicity concerning the T-PIRC’s research progress, the promotion of regional cooperation and the implementation of regional contribution activities.
Research and Education Support Unit:
It handles maintenance on each research base and equipment, and supports the research and educational activities of T-PIRC. It coordinates technical staffs and allocates research tasks to them.