Collaborative Research Division


In order to share research/technology seeds with society, the division is working on issues requiring multifaceted research and development activities for commercialization, such as the development of plant-based biomaterial production technology beneficial to human health, the development of a smart production system for high-value added vegetables, etc., in collaboration with relevant organizations and private companies inside and outside Japan.


Collaborative Research Division|T-PIRC

Special collaborative research project
currently undertaken at T-PIRC

Sanatech seed joint research project for the development of genome- edited plants (Since Oct. 2019)
【Main research contents】
Development of crops with beneficial breeding traits by applying genome editing technology and exploring novel genes.
A part of this project is carried out with ‘Tsukuba International Strategic Zone’, ‘Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP)’ and ‘Program on Open Innovation Platform with Enterprises, Research Institute and Academia (OPERA)’.

About T-PIRC Industrial Zone

 Tsukuba-Plant Innovation Research Center(T-PIRC)intensively develops the miraculin tomatoes production demonstration facility and genetically modified rapeseed isolation farm by compartmentalization of the central area of University of Tsukuba.
 This compartment is named T-PIRC Industrial Zone, and it will also attract new industry-university collaborative research as a base to lead to future innovation from T-PIRC and prompt social implementation of competitive research and development results. We are hoping to utilize it.