Corporate Social Partnership Unit


The center promotes following outreach activities i) training courses of Recombinant DNA experiment / teacher’s license renewal for school teachers, ii) delivery lectures / seminars for citizens, iii) bio-safety training course in overseas, iv) acceptance of visitors etc. This unit supports establishment of cooperative relationship between the local community through publicity of activities.

Network for Breeding
by Genome Editing

“Network for Breeding by Genome Editing” was established in May 2018, mainly by University of Tsukuba (Tsukuba Plant Innovation Research Center (T-PIRC).The Network is a place where cooperate “loosely” not only developers and breeders involved in genome editing breeding, but also agricultural producers, distributors, public relations officials, consumers etc. The purpose of the Society is to contribute toward a better understanding of genome editing breeding in Japan by networking and information exchanging among its stakeholders and dissemination.

Corporate Social Partnership Unit|T-PIRC

Information dissemination,
outreach activities, etc.

Public open the days, extension courses, etc.

“Supporting Summer Vacation
Research Projects”
For middle and high school students
“Agricaltural Education”
(Science & Technology Week (April))
For elementary and middle school students
Support for the attached schools
(Visiting research laboratories, training at farms, etc.)
“Let’s actually see genetically
modified plants!”
(Science & Technology Week (April))
For general public + school
For general public + school
Extension course: Frontier of the studies
on plant genetic resources
~From breeding to studies on plant molecular design~
Bio e Café
(Science Café for Life and Environmental Sciences)
  • Corporate Social Partnership Unit|T-PIRC
  • Corporate Social Partnership Unit|T-PIRC
  • Corporate Social Partnership Unit|T-PIRC

Training teachers

Teacher’s license renewal course
Experimental education workshop
Popularization of
“gene recombination experiments for educational purposes”
Technology workshop for agriculture
Council of University farms
in the Kanto and Koshinetsu regions
  • Corporate Social Partnership Unit|T-PIRC

Supporting technical staff for partner colleges

Education for overseas and international students
Management of genetic resources
Bio-safety education overseas
Education for international students
Introduction of Japanese food culture
by making Japanese soba
  • Corporate Social Partnership Unit|T-PIRC
  • Corporate Social Partnership Unit|T-PIRC